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Our Services

Our company operates in the area of gambling as:

  • establishing an operator or distribution company in Uganda‚Äč
  • legal support for business activity in accordance with the law
  • logistic and administrative service of the conducted activity
  • search for cooperation partners with East Africa Community
  • supervision of conducted activities and reporting of effect


We provide consulting services in the field of:

  • finding suitable business partners,
  • brokering the sale of gambling equipment,
  • legal and administrative care,
  • building and establishing companies from the gambling sector,
  • gambling business consulting in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.
Iwo Bulski

Iwo Bulski



World of gambling

Our company participates in many business events in the world of gambling, thereby gaining experience and business contacts, which are then used in business advisory and consultancy.
Our many years of experience in the gambling industry set our company as experienced consultants for this business.
We provide services in the scope of connecting partners and operational support in the countries of Central and Eastern Africa.

Time is money

We provide administrative support and obtain licenses:
  • conducting operating activities in Uganda
  • searching for a team of experienced employees to conduct gambling business
  • gambling market research and reporting from East Africa Community countries
  • searching for legal solutions and optimization of business operations
  • gambling products and customs services

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